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10 Reasons Why You Failed To Conceive Naturally


May 4, 2022
10 Reasons Why You Failed To Conceive Naturally

10 Reasons Why You Failed To Conceive Naturally

Learn the 10 reasons why you failed to conceive naturally. Many times childbearing seems to be overbearing for most couples who seem to have almost given up with hopes of making babies in the natural way possible.

However, they have instead resorted to the use of fertility treatments available for them. visiting hospitals, going for medical check-ups, and rounds of different examinations conducted and can be overwhelming especially for the woman and this can take a lot of physical and psychological preparedness to achieve the promising dreams of becoming a parent.

Nevertheless, it is very essential to know the various reasons why you have been unable to conceive naturally regardless of your efforts


Natural Conception or Natural Pregnancy is not actually complicated as some may presume.

however, It is the result of perfect ovulation or an egg picked by the fallopian tube and the sperm reaching the egg at the right time, and the fertilized egg or embryo reaching the uterus and embedding into the wall of the uterus at the right time for implantation.

  Women have the best odds of getting pregnant in their 20s. That’s when you have the largest number of healthy eggs.

Fertility naturally declines with age. The older you are, the longer it might take you to conceive.

   Women are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have. As you get older, your egg supply diminishes. And the ones that remain aren’t as healthy.


1.    AGE 

In many studies, the age factor happens to be one of the major reasons for child conception.       however, many men and women tend to keep themselves busy with one or more things in life thinking that theirs always more time for conception in the later future.

women who are between their early stages of life tend to get pregnant faster than those in advanced stages.

Sometimes after marriage, a couple may want to take their time to have children but as the year advances between the age of  30 to 45 years a woman’s fertility potentially also reduces as the time goes and that’s why it is advised to not wait till a certain age to conceive naturally.

2.    FOOD 

Many times in most cases, it’s not bad to crave one or two different kinds of dishes to consume as far as their ability is to satisfy hunger. nevertheless, the kinds of food we consume also affect how the body responds as far as conception is involved.

however, including natural foods into your meals daily can help to boost your ovulation enabling you to conceive without difficulty.

Going for dietary meals that contain foods rich in folate supports a healthy pregnancy and conception.

Ensuring that you consume an adequate amount of vitamins, zinc, and folic acid in the food

such as vegetables, eggs, fruits, seeds, and nuts, not only helps you conceive but also promotes and protects the growth of the baby.


Living a healthy lifestyle not only helps you conceive naturally but also keeps the body in check and off from regular diseases that may arise in the future.

Practices such as constant use of drugs like energy drinks which contained caffeine, alcoholic drinks, hard ones like nicotine, smoking, etc are one of the detriments to the health and that should be avoided by couples trying to conceive naturally.

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Health is wealth and so it is very important to keep the body in check if you are trying for a child.

attending your doctor’s appointment and routine checkups for body illness that may have been a    problem can be attended to when is been discovered.

Hence, it’s very essential to go for regular check-ups early during the time or course of preparing to receive your beautiful gift.

else that can only be possible when you see it as something to take into consideration if that’s what you desire.


This is one of the primary needs that are being overlooked by some couples when trying for a child.

the couple who lacks the time to be intimate with their partner most times end up missing out on the exact time they would have gotten their catch at the targeted time.

But because they are tired and stressed from the day’s activities or programs, or not even on talking terms at the moment with each other whereas it should have been when they should have been intimate.

6.   CYCLE 

The normal average cycle goes between 28-30 days, however, it is important to take note of the one your body is.

In most women, the case is eventually different. some are sometimes below or higher when their cycle is being determined.

but it shouldn’t be a thing to be worried about. One can always seek her medical doctor for assistance to find out more about how it can be corrected in situations where it is different.


Women who have a higher body mass index tend to find it difficult in conceiving naturally, therefore, there are different exercises that can be recommended. going into yoga, brisk walking, jogging, etc can also help to regulate the body for maximum preparation for conception.

weight loss can be achieved in so many ways but it’s very important to consult your doctor before engaging in it if you are trying for a child.


One of the major parts of the body which helps in triggering ovulation in the ovary is the Brain. why it is vital to get adequate sleep is because the human body after many activities tends to respond slowly when overworked and most especially if it’s not getting enough sleep. Women who are planning for children need this.

when the body lacks the ability to rejuvenate how can it function well?


It has always been very important to understand why the body cannot function well without fluid in the body system.

consuming water and liquid diets are very good for the body. When the body is hydrated it enables other organs in the body to produce and function well.

This keeps the body light and helps indigestion.


The possibility of achieving pregnancy truly relies on your ability to ensure you are really ready to take your health seriously and comply with the following necessary things you need to go through to get your dream come true. such as staying healthy etc


Having known the various reasons why you have been unable to conceive naturally. Always take your time to pick out the one that best describes you and work on it to help you do more better.


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